"SKIMMER" water-sludge separator

The Skimmer is a water-sludge separator, a filtering system integrated in finishing plants and manual water-veil spray booths. It collects all paint particles that do not settle on workpieces and turn into sludge. This device continuously separates the paint coagulated sediments from circulating water in order to clean it before it returns to the front veils of the spray booth.

A pump in the spray booth basin sucks the dirty water and sends it to the external Skimmer. The separator skimming blade gathers the sludge from the water that returns to the spray booth filtering system. The sludge is collected  in a disposal juta bag.

The skimming device includes: 

  • a small tank placed 10 mm below the water level of the built-in spray booth basin (underground or side type) 
  • a pump 
  • a  pneumatic blade gathering the floating sludge
  • a collecting bag
  • a separate hydraulic circuit

Additives or flocculating agents, chosen according to the type of paint used, are poured into the spray booth basin to make the solid material to float and ensure the correct functioning of the separator. The Skimmer  is suitable for waterborn and solvent based paint. 

One or more water-veil spray booths can be connected to a single Skimmer.