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Simplicity, Efficiency abd Flexibility. These three words can synthesize the philosopy that gave life to the Skipper pressurized booth.

Simplicityfor its simple design and easy maintenance.

Efficiency: the Skipper booth is manufactured in accordance with the European emission standards and ensures a clean and sound work place.The air inlet into the working areas is heated by a ventilating unit complete with a water-air heat exchanger or a LPG/natural gas generator/burner. The air suction and filtering can be carried out by both our open-faced spray booths (dry, water-veil , standard or ecological filtering versions) installed  inside the  pressurized booth and  external suction groups (dry, water or activated carbon filtering versions)

Flexibility: the Skipper booth dimensions can be adjusted according to  the client's production area requirements  or  type of product. Inside the booth the operator can spray manually or automatically with our Robot Spray-Tech One.