Inline sprayer and vertical reciprocator

Profile sprayer

An inline compact sprayer complete with a conveyor for profile and moulding handling, sensors to optimize spraying and reduce paint waste, built-in  filtering and air suction system. Easy to use and low operating costs in terms of spare parts and maintenance. Electrical system with PLC and pneumatic control board to operate spray guns.



The vertical paint sprayer (reciprocator) is in most cases built in an automatic finishing plant where workpieces are handled on overhead conveyor hanging bars.


Paint sprayers allows uniform spraying of paint on differently-sized and shaped workpieces thanks to the control of  the speed and stroke of the spray guns installed on the machine projecting arm. A sensor barrier mounted on a portal like structure "reads" the workpieces and automatically operates its guns (closing-opening) according to the workpiece position, hence reducing paint waste. The machine is PLC managed.