Robot for panel painting (high gloss) with Paper belt

The "Spray-Tech One TC" robot is a variation to the basic robot for panel painting and it is particularly suitable for high gloss finishing of panels, edges and profiles.

It is equipped with 2 separate and independent conveyors each covered with a disposal paper film and can work in tandem for longer pieces.

The disposal paper film allows perfect adhesion of panels to the load surface, avoids overspray and provides appreciable finishing of edges thanks to the paint rebound effect. Each conveyor houses a 900-meter-long disposal paper coil the operator moves to unload pieces and get a clean paper film by pressing a pedal. 

The two independent conveyors optimize productivity as the operator can easily unload finished panels and place them on stacking tracks commonly used in the drying room, while the other conveyor is in the spraying area .The free conveyor is ready for a new load operation. 

Panels are "read" automatically  by 4 stationary high-resolution cameras, with support structure and camera micrometric setting, which read the position and dimensions of the panels placed on each conveyor. The two conveyors are LED backlit to create light contrast and define the workpiece silohuette which is detected by the 4 cameras.The "reading" equipment also includes 4 lamps, 2 potentiometers for brightness rating and a PC  for application cycle programming. The robot arm is designed to support and operate 2 spray guns. 

The adjustable painting parameters will customize your robot like all other our robot models:

  • surface spraying speed
  • edge spraying speed
  • opening of the gun spray fan
  • separate number of coasts on the surface and edges 
  • edge-spraying cut off
  • cross coat application
  • recallable customized painting programs