Open-front spray booths

All  spray booths are made of galvanized sheet metal to ensure quality and duration.

The assembly requires bolting  and special glueing without welding. They are equipped with anti-sparkle electric exhausters and  EEx nA II 3 GT ceiling lamps complying with Atex regulations.

The dry cabins are divided in the STANDARD and ECOLOGICAL version, the latter allows, together with the reduction of the solid particulates, the effective absorption of the C.O.V. (volatile organic compounds) released during the painting with solvents. In the range of dry cabins, you can find also CABINS FOR SANDING.

The WATER-VEIL SPRAY BOOHTS are divided into the following models:

  •  Mod. L: raised bolted galvanized  basin; submerged stainless steel pump.
  • Mod. V: advanced and raised bolted galvanized  basin with grating, lateral overhang, submerged stainless steel  pump.
  • Mod. VL: raised bolted galvanized  basin with side-projecting section for sludge collection; submerged stainless steel pump externally positioned, lateral hydraulic circuit in PVC.
  • Mod. H: underground concrete  basin with floor grating; submerged stainless steel pump, lateral hydraulic circuit in PVC.
  • "Skimmer" System